Roof Coating Installation

Want to improve your roof without purchasing a whole new one? A roof coating is an excellent option that provides many benefits. If you’re interested in installing a roof coating in Midland, TX and Odessa, TX, call Southern Strong Roofing at 512-987-3277 today!

Benefits of a Roof Coating

roof coatingThere are many reasons to install a coating over your existing roof or new roof. Not only will it add an extra layer of protection and durability, it helps seal your roof from the elements. A rubber or elastomeric roof coating is a fluid, fully adhered, seamless system that expands as needed. Most buildings shift over time or expand with the summer heat; however, you don’t have to worry about your roof coating cracking or splitting.

In addition to extending the lifespan of your roof through additional durability, roof coatings are known to help cool your roof. This is an especially beneficial feature if you have a black EPDM or BUR roof. On a sunny, 90-degree day, a black roof can reach temperatures up to 190 degrees! This, in turn, increases the energy you must use to cool your building. However, a white roof coating can lower the temperature to 100 to 120 degrees on the same hot day.

Another eco-friendly feature of roof coatings is that, by extending the life of your roof by up to 25 years, you will throw fewer roofing materials into a landfill. So if you want to save money, extend the life of your roof, and help the planet, call us today about roof coatings in Alabama!

Affordable Roofing Solutions

There’s no need for a new roof if your existing roof is in good shape. For a professional commercial roof inspection, contact Southern Strong Roofing. One of our expert roofers will assess your property and help you determine the best options for your budget. We will help you find the right coating or other roofing solution so you can rest easy.

Call Southern Strong Roofing today at 512-987-3277 for professional roof coating services in Midland, TX and Odessa, TX.